In our offer, you will find unique products that will satisfy connoisseurs and enthusiasts of fine spirits. But that's not all...


We encourage you to explore the range of products offered by the Dyssov Distillery. You can order them online, purchase them at selected speciality stores, or buy them directly from the distillery. You can also enjoy a tasting experience at one of the restaurants we collaborate with. Information on where you can find our products can be found in the CONTACT section.


For organised groups, we offer the opportunity to visit our distillery and enjoy a tasting of our products accompanied by a professional guide. We provide an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts and those interested in the alcohol production process. To schedule a visit, please check the available dates. 


We have created a dedicated offer for distributors, speciality stores, HORECA industry businesses, private labels creators, or those looking to establish their own distillery. We offer a wide range of services that can enrich your business activities.


We invite you to taste our spirits. Tastings can take place either at our distillery or at a location of your choice. Our experienced distillers will reveal the secrets of the distillation process, sharing insights into the selected ingredients that are key to giving our spirits their extraordinary taste and aroma. You will learn about our commitment to quality and the factors that influence the calibre of the final product.


Wholesale, Speciality Stores, HORECA

We offer the opportunity for wholesale distribution of our products. If you are seeking unique, high-quality regional products for your establishment, hotel, store, or distribution outlet, we provide attractive collaboration terms. Our offer includes a wide selection of high-proof spirits with diverse flavour profiles. Additionally, we offer training and ongoing marketing support for our partners to collectively enhance the value of your offerings. We can also create series tailored to your individual needs.

Private Labels, Individual Contracts

We are open to collaborating on the creation of private label products or fulfilling individual contract orders. We have the full technical and administrative infrastructure to bring your ideas to life.

Practical Consulting for Distillery Setup

The more craft distilleries, the better. Currently, Poland boasts over 300 regional breweries and more than 400 vineyards. However, there are only a few distilleries that engage in the production process from the beginning to end – from grain/fruit/vegetable through to the final bottled product. Successfully navigating the journey from idea to realisation means tackling numerous challenges. We have tackled many such scenarios successfully and have experience, skills and up-to-date practical knowledge to help you do the same.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information about our B2B offerings. We are open to collaboration and ready to tailor our services to your needs and expectations. We will happily answer any questions and provide precise terms of cooperation.

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