The Distillery

The Distillery is located in a historic mill building, which has been adapted for the production of okowita (aqua vitae), vodka, gin, and aged spirits. There are four floors, each serving a different function in the distillation process.


We start by taking delivery of the pre-ordered grains or vegetables. Precise selection of the raw materials is of paramount importance and determines the primary taste and aroma of the end product. We prefer suppliers who run organic farms. We know them and include their location on the bottle labels. The main source of raw materials is the area surrounding the Kozłowiecki Landscape Park, formerly part of the Kozłowiecka estate, from which the region has been sourcing ingredients for the production of okowita (aqua vitae) for centuries.


After initial preparation, the grains or potatoes undergo the mashing process in our 1800-litre mash tun. Using our dedicated technology, we can filter the mash or, after breaking down the starch into simple sugars, transfer everything for fermentation. Fruits, on the other hand, are sorted, washed, and prepared using equipment such as washing machines, mills, crushers, squeezers, and de-stoners. The next step is fermentation in one of our four stainless steel “closed” tanks, which, thanks to automation, allow for the monitoring and calibration of key process parameters such as temperature. Depending on the type of high-grade yeast and the final product, fermentation can last from several days to several weeks. During this time, besides temperature, we constantly monitor and record process parameters such as pH level and sugar content. Fermentation is a crucial process responsible for the secondary taste and aroma of the final product.


The next stage is distillation. For this process, we use steam-powered apparatus specially designed and manufactured in Poland. It consists of a 1000-litre copper-pot still with a “swan neck,” a 12-plate copper column with a dephlegmator, and supporting equipment such as a vapour condenser, CIP cleaning system, a sample collection cabinet, and measuring barrels. Thanks to this well-designed construction, we are able to produce alcohol with different parameters for every final product. Additionally, automation oversees this traditional distillation process to ensure replicability. The combination of tradition and innovative technology allows us to create traditional products using contemporary methods. We prioritise the freshness and purity of our distillates. It goes without saying that nothing can replace human expertise. Automation is merely meant to assist so that attention can be focused on controlling the most important stages of the process. We only use the most valuable part of the distillate – the heart – for bottling. The heads and tails are recycled for further use. We distill slowly, and due to the contact of the vapours with copper, a natural catalyst for undesirable alcohol fractions, we only pass on distillate of the highest quality for further production.


The distillate is stored in stainless steel tanks, from which it is transferred in batches to blending tanks. The process of blending high-proof distillate with water, subjected to reverse osmosis, takes place in these tanks. This procedure aims to lower the alcohol content to the desired parameters, typically ranging from 40% to 43% ABV depending on the desired end product. It is important to mention that we do not add any colourants, aromatic flavours, or additives. After blending the distillate with water, we obtain the final product, but it is not bottled immediately. We allow time for it to develop the appropriate aromatic and flavour characteristics during the aging process. At this time we also conduct laboratory tests to monitor the quality of individual batches. The taste and aroma of our products come from the fruit, grains, or vegetables from which they were made. If the raw material was not of sufficient quality, or if the fermentation or distillation process was not optimal, there is nothing we can do to “fix” it. If everything goes well, after aging is completed, we bottle the distillate using a semi-automatic pressure filler. Then, we cork the bottles manually and label them. Each bottle contains information about the batch, bottling date and location, and has a unique number. This allows you to trace the origin of the raw materials used in the production of vodka, spirits, gin, or other products that you will enjoy.

Okowita (aqua vitae) is considered a luxury item due to its unique characteristics and exceptional production process, which requires precision, time, skill, and human commitment. It is an extraordinary alcoholic beverage resulting from a craft process involving experienced distillers, whose skills and knowledge cannot be replaced by machines. They are essential for unlocking the full potential of the raw materials' flavour and aroma. They oversee every stage of the process, ensuring proper mashing, fermentation, distillation, and aging of this exceptional alcohol to achieve the highest quality.

Okowita (aqua vitae) vs. Vodka

In contrast to vodka, aqua vitae is not a product that relies on ready-made spirit. It is a distillate that is produced through a long process of fermentation and distillation of raw materials. Distillers aim to extract the essence of the mash, which translates into the depth of flavour and aroma of fruits, vegetables, grains, and even hops.

The production process of aqua vitae is more time-consuming and requires greater involvement than that of vodka. As a result, aqua vitae has a more complex flavour profile and aroma, making it an exclusive product appreciated by connoisseurs of high-quality spirits.

Serie produktów


Wholesale, Speciality Stores, HORECA

We offer the opportunity for wholesale distribution of our products. If you are seeking unique, high-quality regional products for your establishment, hotel, store, or distribution outlet, we provide attractive collaboration terms. Our offer includes a wide selection of high-proof spirits with diverse flavour profiles. Additionally, we offer training and ongoing marketing support for our partners to collectively enhance the value of your offerings. We can also create series tailored to your individual needs.

Private Labels, Individual Contracts

We are open to collaborating on the creation of private label products or fulfilling individual contract orders. We have the full technical and administrative infrastructure to bring your ideas to life.

Practical Consulting for Distillery Setup

The more craft distilleries, the better. Currently, Poland boasts over 300 regional breweries and more than 400 vineyards. However, there are only a few distilleries that engage in the production process from the beginning to end – from grain/fruit/vegetable through to the final bottled product. Successfully navigating the journey from idea to realisation means tackling numerous challenges. We have tackled many such scenarios successfully and have experience, skills and up-to-date practical knowledge to help you do the same.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information about our B2B offerings. We are open to collaboration and ready to tailor our services to your needs and expectations. We will happily answer any questions and provide precise terms of cooperation.

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